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Memo Paris

African Leather (EDP)

African Leather (EDP)

In this safari themed leather fragrance MEMO Paris uses MD distillation for the geranium - a molecular distillation process that is especially pure. How to describe a safari leather? Imagine a safari landscape, elephants, cardamom, bergamot, wild cats, sand, leopard spots, saffron, rhinoceros horn, cumin, lion mane, patchouli, gazelle hoof, geranium, grapefruit, snake skin, oud accord, eagle eye, vetiver, buffalo neck, musk, green lizards, moss, winter sun, zebra stripes, leather accord, cheetah paws, cedar, antelopes racing, savannah, meerkat smiles, spices, crocodiles and heat.

Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Geranium, Leather, musk, oud, patchouli, vetiver,
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Webster

Love the scent! A classic for sure!

Greg Spaulding
Not good!

I didn't like it at all. Most perfumes I'll try out a number of times just to be sure, but I don't think I can put this on again.
But hey, to each his own.

Lavell Cannady

It was a very good experience and I enjoyed all of the fragrances and will purchase more soon.


I'm possibly way too picky. Not sure how this happened, but I've been sampling A LOT.
Maybe 100+ samples later I have one fragrance that's buy-worthy.
But today my sample of Memo African Leather arrived and it's really nice.
Many fragrances are just too much over-the-top. Nothing wrong with that if that's what you're into, but I think a big factor is how others will perceive the scent.
Memo African Leather does everything just right. Nothing is "too much" and everything blends to perfection; it really does.
Again, I don't know what it is about fragrances, but it has to be utterly perfect or I'm not interested; and this one is utterly perfect.
Just perfect and I will be buying this, from Osme of course, the second that my sample is a goner.
I sincerely like it and am very much looking forward to seeing others' reactions. This will make an impression.
Thank you Osme. Honestly appreciated and it took awhile to get here.