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Xerjoff - K Collection

Hayat (Parfum)

Hayat (Parfum)


Taking its name from the Arabic for "life", Hayat is a complex story of the Aristotelian elements of the universe; earth, fire, air and water.

Layered with such scents as saffron, cardamom, cedar wood and oud, Hayat from the Kemi Collection is an intriguing tale of light and shade.

Zesty bitter orange undertones welcome top notes of aromatic lavender, while rare and precious saffron casts an intoxicating spell.

Kemi is a collection of perfumes created from natural raw elements using innovative distillation techniques.

Notes: Brazilian Bitter Orange, Bulgarian Lavender, Iranian Saffron, Cardamom , Cinnamon From Ceylan , Amber, Cypriol From India , Cedar From Atlas , Patchouli From Singapore , Oud

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