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Nobile 1942

1001 (Extrait)

1001 (Extrait)

1001 is dedicated to wisdom. 

The inspiration came from the the character of Sherazade, the heroine of Arabian nights, who managed to enchant the men who wanted to kill her with 1001 tales. This story fascinate entire generations who share the idea of the strength and seduction by words. 

Ingredients recall Orient with colours, aromas and flavours. The main player is Papyrus, the first writing medium, blendend with brigt  top notes of ginger, elemi and red tea reflecting the patience and the optimism of this woman who tells wonderful stories, night after night. Heart notes are full of curcuma absolute and saffron, two spieces that were used to embellish the writing and evoke “gold”, with a carnal Turkish rose, that gives charisma. The dry down is made of leather because papyrus were kept in leather tubes called “capse”.

The evolution of the fragrance need of its time because it’s like when you start reading a book and you feel involved in the story time after time. Pages after pages. Writing and reading are magic, introduce you into fantastic words and let you make fantastic journey, such as the progenitor of Italian writers (and language) Dante Alighieri. For this reason we write the first verses of “la Divina Commedia” on the box, a tribute to the most important imaginary trip.

Notes: Bergamot, Red Tea, Ginger, Elemi, Pink Pepper

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