Spotlight on: Ormonde Jayne

Spotlight on: Ormonde Jayne

Have you checked out our new arrivals lately? We’ve just welcomed Montabaco Verano EDP by Ormonde Jayne to the Osme Perfumery line-up. Here’s everything you need to know...

The story behind Ormonde Jayne

Ormonde Jayne is a perfume house based in London. According to their founder, Linda Jayne, their goal is combine English craftsmanship with French perfume traditions and luxe Eastern ingredients.

So what does all that craftsmanship and tradition involve? Well, like a fine whiskey, it’s all about the time you take. Ormonde Jayne lets their absolutes infuse for months before filtering them before purity. And all their fragrances are left to mature before their final bottling.

Today, Ormonde Jayne have five fragrance collections: Elixir, Four Corners, Gold Trilogy, La Route de la Soie and the Signature Collection. And for serious aficionados, you can request your favorite scent… bottled at a specially high concentration.

Introducing… Montabaco Verano EDP

We already offer most of Ormonde Jayne’s scents at Osme Perfumery. But our latest arrival is Montabaco Verano EDP – a new twist on Montabaco from the Four Corners collection.

Montabaco Verano is a great example of the new unisex fragrances of 2020/2021. It’s dominated by basenotes of suede leather, tobacco and musk, with an elegant citrus opening. This is a powerful, statement scent.

Have you tried Montabaco Verano yet? Click here for more info, or check out the full Ormonde Jayne range.

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