Our favorite freaky fragrances for Halloween

Our favorite freaky fragrances for Halloween

Can you believe there's less than a month left until Halloween? We're already planning our costumes... and to help you get ready, here are 5 freaky fragrances that are spooky with style. This isn't your childhood Halloween. This is sophisticated, scary, sinister and sexy.

Rudis by Nobile 1942

Rudis is inspired by Roman gladiators - that's a free costume idea, you're welcome! This fragrance is billed as "blood, sweat and tears", plus notes of bergamot, clove, rose, leather and musk. It's strong, dark and muscular. Speaking of dark...

Dark by Andrea Maack

We love this eau de parfum from Andrea Maack. She describes Dark as "animalistic" and "metallic", built around fragrance notes of rose, violets and leather. And in a bottle that looks like a strip of darkness torn from a vampire's cloak, this fragrance will also add a certain something to your Halloween décor.

A City On Fire by Imaginary Authors

Imaginary Authors have made their name with their unusual fragrances and the backstories they create for each scent. A City On Fire is a twisted graphic novel with an after-dark romance. We love the notes of cardamom, berries and burnt matches. Apparently, it's the perfect scent to wear if you're "alone and looking for trouble..."

Magnetic Blend 7 by Initio

Next up, this eau de parfum from celebrated French perfumier Initio. Magnetic Blend 7 is designed for seduction, with a heady blend of musk and pheromones. It's dark, wicked, and perfect for Halloween night.

The Moon and I by Floraiku

Finally, something for the werewolves among you. The Moon and I is an elegant eau de parfum from Floraiku. It's built around notes of mate, matcha and cedar oil: the dark, intoxicating scents of a night spent in the forest.

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