New arrival: Musk Therapy from Initio

New arrival: Musk Therapy from Initio

Musky, floral and mood-enhancing... Please welcome the latest addition to Osme Perfumery. It's Musk Therapy from Initio. Let's take a look at the brand behind this scent, and how to wear it.

Initio Parfums Privés

Initio is a young perfume brand based in France. Founded in 2015, they've released 15 perfumes in just 6 years.

Every perfumier has its own philosophy. For Initio, fragrance is a "magical and sacred dimensions". They create perfumes which are sexy, mood-boosting and energising.

You might have already come across their Carnal or Absolutes collections. We've previously recommended their Atomic Rose as a vigorous take on classic rose fragrances. And crowd-pleasing scents such as Oud for Greatness have created a lot of buzz on perfume YouTube and on the blogs.

Why you should try Musk Therapy

This latest scent was released in 2021 as part of the Hedonist collection. It's a unisex scent, designed for relaxation and good vibes. Unlike previous offerings from Initio, it stands out for its bold white bottle with silver details.

Musk Therapy is built on a foundation of rose musk, white musk and sandalwood. It has strong floral notes, but the strongest note here is citrus. Some people have described Musk Therapy as "lemon sorbet scent" - fresh, sweet and just a little sharp.

Check out the full range of fragrances from Initio!

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