New arrival: Decisions, Decisions from Imaginary Authors

New arrival: Decisions, Decisions from Imaginary Authors

This week, we’re excited to add a new limited edition eau de parfum to our line-up: Decisions, Decisions by Imaginary Authors. So what does it smell like? And is it your style?

What we love about this fragrance

In the last few years, Imaginary Authors have built a reputation for subtle, unusual fragrances with poetic backstories. This latest scent is no exception.

Decisions, Decisions is meant to be inspired by the history of civil rights in the South, with notes of sarsaparilla and sweet raspberry.  It’s dominated by amber and floral notes, just with a hint of spice and musk. We love this old-fashioned fragrance with a hint of syrup.

Like all the fragrances by Imaginary Authors, Decisions is designed for unisex wear. It’s got moderate sillage and longevity, which make it wearable without taking over the room.

What to try next

Imaginary Authors have released several new and limited edition fragrances in the past few months. If you want another example of their style – but something a little different from Decisions – try Telegrama.

This fragrance comes in a retro blue bottle, with a story to match. It’s inspired by a pair of lovers, only able to communicate by airmail and telegram. Look out for old-world notes of lavender and powder, with a hint of wood and balsamic to add some bite. Telegrama is a simple, romantic scent that’s easy to wear.

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