How to choose a signature scent

How to choose a signature scent

Do you have a signature scent? A fragrance that sums up the best of you, your style, your personality? A scent that will always remind people of you?

A signature scent is a wonderful thing to have… but where to start? Here’s how to choose a signature scent.

Find your fragrance type

First things first: let’s start with the basics. Perfumes are made up of combinations of different scents. For example, they could include floral, oriental, woody or fresh notes.

Most fragrances are dominated by one of these categories. If you try a few different fragrances, you might notice that you’re drawn to one specific type. Many people love the heady aromatics of oriental scents, while others enjoy soft florals, fresh citrus notes, or fragrant wood scents.

Once you know what type of fragrance you prefer, it will be much easier to narrow your search. If you’re not sure where to start, drop in to Osme Perfumery and we can help you on your way.

Where will you wear it?

Different perfumes wear differently. There’s a huge variety – from the statement scent that lingers for days, to subtle spritzes that wear off quickly.

This is an important factor to consider in your signature scent. Some people like strong fragrances; others don’t. If you work in an office or store, you might want to stay away from big fragrances which could bother other people. (It’s a sad fact that some people get headaches from perfume, instead of enjoying it.) If you work alone, you can smell however you like!

You should also think about how the fragrance will combine with other products. Do you use a scented moisturizer? Conditioner? Do they work well with your chosen perfume?

Add a little twist

Most people don’t want to wear a scent which is pure floral, or pure musk. Instead, what makes fragrances good is the unique combination of ingredients.

So when you’re looking for a signature scent, you want to find a fragrance with that little twist which makes it unmistakably unique. Even if you ultimately decide on a classic scent, it’s worth trying some more unusual fragrances. Who knows? Maybe you’ll realize that a hint of smoke, salt or earth is just what you need.

In the end, the best fragrance is the one which makes you feel like your best self. It’s just like falling in love: when you find the right one, you just know.

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