Behind the fragrance: what is an accord?

Behind the fragrance: what is an accord?

Today, we're diving into some of the mystery behind your favorite fragrances. What exactly is an accord? And how is it made?

First, the basics

Let's start with some perfume basics. Every fragrance is made up of different notes.For example, you might have a scent which has notes of vanilla, rose or musk. Each one of those notes is just a single scent. They're often made from essential oils.

An accord is what happens when you start to combine those notes.

How accords work

Perfume Notes compares accords to music. You can play single notes on a piano and they make a nice sound. But when you combine notes into a chord, you get something completely different. It's more complex and beautiful.

Accords often smell much stronger than notes on their own. And they can be used to conjure up specific experiences, places or atmospheres

For example, a mix of vanilla, labdanum and balsam is often used to create an amber accord. This sweet, warm accord is the foundation of many Oriental fragrances - but it doesn't exist as a single note. It has to be created by carefully combining different scent notes.

Other common accords are citrus, green, or even aquatic. With the right combination of scents, perfumiers can conjure up a green forest or a wide blue ocean.

Fragrances to try

Want to experiment with accords? Here are a few fragrances we recommend at Osme...

Sydney Rock Pool by Arquiste is exactly what it sounds like. This scent uses a mineral accord to imitate the scent of a day out on sandy beaches, surrounded by the salt sea.

Next up, Don by Xerjoff uses gunpowder and whisky accords to create a truly wicked fragrance. Wear this for a powerful and intriguing aura.

Here's another naughty scent: Cannabis Bleu by Fragrance du Bois. This uses notes of oud, patchouli, pepper and grapefruit to create a strong herbal accord.

Last of all - if you want to get really weird - there's Nettuno from Talisman. This fragrance is literally an accord for the planet Neptune. It's built with notes of rose, leather, musk and vetiver.

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