6 beauty brands that have switched to soap and hand sanitizer

6 beauty brands that have switched to soap and hand sanitizer

It's amazing how fast the world has changed during the coronavirus lockdown. And we don't just mean staying in and baking sourdough! Perfume houses and high fashion brands have also turned their hand to sewing masks, brewing hand sanitizer and milling soap. Here are some of our best-loved brands that have helped out during the crisis.

Miller Harris

Miller Harris is a classic London perfume brand. But in March this year, they teamed up with a national charity to donate handwash, soaps and hand lotion to elderly people and care homes. The brand also called on other luxury perfumers to help: "It will be a sin if soap is sat in warehouses rather than reaching people where it can be of some help," said Sarah Rotherham, CEO at Miller Harris.


LVMH is known as the power behind Givenchy, Dior, Guerlain, Kenzo, Bulgari and Fenty Beauty. Early in 2020, they announced that three of their factories would be repurposed to make hand sanitizer... which was donated to the French government, free of charge. They also used their global supply lines to help distribute up to 40 million masks.

Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder has also begun producing its own hand sanitizer - this time, at factories based in New York. The hand gel was sent to vulnerable people and medical staff. The Estée Lauder Companies group also donated to Doctors without Borders and the Red Cross, while its Clinique brand donated skincare products to say thank you to hospital nurses and doctors.


L'Oréal has been busy distributing hand sanitizer and other hygiene products to hospitals, care homes, pharmacies and food distributors around Europe. They're also taking the lead on the return to work, with a custom-made online learning program that teaches employees how stay safe at work.


The L'Occitane group has produced 75,000 litres of hand sanitizer and 700,000 units of soap and hand cream to healthcare workers all over the globe. The cult skincare brand has also used the crisis to call attention to environmental issues and continue the campaign against plastic.


Prada have pulled out all the stops in their COVID-19 relief effort. This luxury brand has donated two fully-equipped intensive care and resuscitation units to hospitals in Milan, Italy. Prada has also contributed funding to the PROTEGGIMI research project, which is investigating how men and women respond differently to the coronavirus.


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