4 fragrance trends to watch in 2021

4 fragrance trends to watch in 2021

This week, we’re looking at the biggest trends in perfumes and fragrances for 2021. Here’s what to expect… plus some exciting new ideas to try.

More gender-neutral fragrances

Unisex scents have always been around, but expect to see even more of them this year. Unlike previous unisex fragrances – which focused on light, clean and neutral tones – these scents are a little more adventurous. We’re expecting a lot more fragrances with amber, tobacco and woody notes. Check out the new Montabaco Verano EDP for a gorgeous example of this trend.

Niche perfumes rule

Here at Osme, we’ve always championed niche perfumes. So we’re very pleased to announce that niche perfumers will rule the roost in 2021.

What’s more, many of those niche perfumes are coming direct from the United States. While classic European and Oriental scents still have their place, a lot of innovation is happening right here in America.

Knowledge is power

Going into 2021, we want to know more about the fragrances we use. From environmental impact to ethical testing and ingredients, perfumiers are becoming much more transparent about what goes into their fragrances.

According to Cosmetics Design, there’s also a growing interest in the positive effects of some scents – such as skincare and aromatherapy.

Mix your own

We’re seeing a lot of interest from perfume shoppers in how to layer scents, combine them with other skincare products, use them in new formats such as hair mist, or create custom scents. And perfumiers are stepping up to the challenge.


Top of the list is Judith Lieber Couture and their “More is More” scent system, which lets you mix and match 7 scents to your taste. More like this, please!

Do you have a fragrance wishlist for 2021? Or goals for your perfume collection? We’d love to hear about them!

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