4 festive fragrances to try this year

4 festive fragrances to try this year

The holiday season is coming up... and we're getting into the party spirit with some of our favorite festive fragrances. We've chosen these eaus de parfum for their classic wintry notes and a little bit of seasonal sparkle. Which one will you try?

Ouverture by Xerjoff

We love Xerjoff for their classic Italian sensibility, beautiful glass bottles and collections inspired by the history of perfume. Ouverture by Xerjoff is full of traditional festive scents: from cinnamon to citrus, incense to amber. Woody and floral notes introduce this fragrance, leaving behind a rich, sweet oriental heart. This is our top pick for an elegant seasonal eau de parfum.

Winter Palace by Memo Paris

Winter Palace is a gorgeous blend of bergamot, orange, grapefruit and woody notes, trailing away to a warm amber, musk and vanilla finish. Straight from the creative perfumier Memo Paris, this is a fragrance made for winter luxury and celebrations. If you want a festive scent, but with its own fresh style, then this is the choice for you.

Saint Julep by Imaginary Authors

If you haven't already come across Imaginary Authors, with their off-the-wall fragrances and crazy backstories, then you're in for a treat. Saint Julep is apparently inspired by the story of an abandoned church-turned-speakeasy in rural Mississippi.

So what does that smell like, exactly? Sweet mint, tangerine, magnolia, bourbon and ice. This is an adult fragrance for a winter full of happiness, muxic and romance.

Mimosa In The Air by Veronique Gabai

Since we added Veronique Gabai to the Osme line-up, several of these fragrances have sold out. Fortunately, while we write this, you can still grab some Mimosa In The Air!

We've chosen this as one of our festive fragrances because of its notes of vetiver and mimosa, a flower that symbolizes the end of winter. It's a unisex eau de parfum with aromatic, woody and earthy accords. But don't forget the florals: Mimosa In The Air is a scent full of light.

Veronique Gabai describes this scent as the end of "winter giving way to the first days of summer". Here's to a fresh new year!

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