3 ways to self-care and support others during lockdown

3 ways to self-care and support others during lockdown

For some of us, the coronavirus lockdown is already a memory. But depending on your location, health and family situation, you might still be deep in the crisis. Here are some easy, enjoyable ways to take care of yourself right now - or support a friend in need.

Doorstep delivery

Home delivery might just be the greatest invention of modern times. If you're feeling frazzled, why not order in a meal and treat yourself to a date night? Lots of restaurants and bars now offer no-contact delivery if you're worried about hygiene. Yes, you really can order a cocktail from your favorite bar!

If you want to support a friend, you can leave a fresh meal or a batch of cookies on their doorstep. And if you're too far away to make the journey yourself, try searching for local restaurants near them which will take your order online.

Give them a choice

Let's talk about giftcards. As far as we're concerned, these are the perfect gift! You can choose exactly how much you want to spend, and send giftcards digitally if you're still self-isolating. Then the lucky recipient gets to pick exactly what they want. For something like perfume, that's uaually a better idea than trying to guess what someone might like.

Treats and care packages

While you're staying home, it's important to stay active and make time for yourself. Why not order in a baking kit, build yourself a spa package, or sign up for a subscription box as a treat?

If you've ever received a care package, you'll know that a parcel at the right time can make your whole week. Even a simple card or bouquet of flowers can remind your friends that you're thinking of them. Our favorite packages feature a mix of personal notes, tasty treats, and self-care items like scented candles and spa goodies.

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