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Etat Libre D' Orange

500 Years (EDP)

500 Years (EDP)

For twelve years, Etat Libre d’Orange has been celebrating enlightenment through an awareness of beauty, goodness, sensitivity and intelligence – welcoming humankind in all form, as long as they try to contribute to The Perspective – The Renaissance concept of three dimensions in art. 500 Years ago, merchants confronted the two established orders: the Red (Priests) and the Black (Soldiers). They created a third path, cleansed of dictates, for the proliferation of the arts – and perfume. Etat Libre d’Orange honors the sons and daughters of the Renaissance by offering a trail of insight and alliance for their skin. 

Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Saffron, Styrax, Turkish Rose, Cocoa, Oud, Geranium, Amber Woods, Patchouli, Suede, Balms 

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