Why we love... the Oud collection from Montale Paris

Why we love... the Oud collection from Montale Paris

If you've checked the "new in" section of our website recently, you might have spotted a few fragrances from Montale Paris. This week, we're diving into why we love the Oud collection from Montale... and which scents to try first!

Who are Montale Paris?

Montale Paris was founded by Pierre Montale at the turn of the millennium. After travelling in the East, Montale returned to Paris and decided to launch a new perfume house inspired by classic floral and woody scents. And... inspired by oud.

Oud is a special resin produced by the agar tree. Although it's still not well-known in the West, oud has been used for centuries by perfumiers across the Arab world. Montale Paris is dedicated to bringing oud to perfume-lovers around the world, combining it with new scents and fragrances to create something timeless and original.

The Oud collection from Montale Paris

We currently offer 13 different fragrances from the Oud collection. And they run the gamut from spicy, warm Oriental scents to fresh floral scents inspired by Italy. Here are some of our favorites...

Red Aoud is an absolutely classic oud scent. This eau de parfum starts with a heady mix of Eastern spices: pepper, saffron and cumin give way to a woody base of sandalwood and vetiver. If you're looking for a glamorous introduction the Montale line-up, start here.

Fantastic Oud offers something a little bit different. This fragrance is lightened by notes of lavender, Italian citrus and orange blossom. But the deeper basenotes of leather, musk and cedarwood are still there, like the ground beneath a garden full of flowers.

If you're looking for a seriously grown-up scent, then Arabians Tonka is also worth a look. This fragrance is inspired by Arabian horses: their speed, beauty and centuries of pedigree. A mix of tonka bean, bergamot, amber and musk conjures up the scent of wild horses running free... with a touch of floral magic.

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