Veronique Gabai: our favorite new vegan perfume

Veronique Gabai: our favorite new vegan perfume

Meet the latest addition to Osme Perfumery's line-up: an ethical, vegan range of fragrances from the Mediterranean.

Veronique Gabai

The eleven scents by Veronique Gabai have all been designed by Veronique herself, drawing a lifetime of experience. Veronique was born to a Mediterranean family in the Côte d'Azur and has brought the heady, unmistakeable scents of the French Riviera to this line of eaus de parfum. The fragrances — ranging from an intoxicating mimosa and vetiver to the deliciously wild Vert Desir — are prepared on site in the south of France, in a small factory surrounded by beehives and wildflower fields.

What's more, Veronique Gabai is at the forefront of cruelty-free and vegan perfumes. Each scent is created using essential oils and absolutes, with no animal ingredients, parabens or talc. The perfumes themselves are biodegradable, and every Veronique Gabai bottle can be re-used and re-filled.

Our range of fragrances from Veronique Gabai includes the classic Eau de la Nuit and Eau de la Jour scents. For those of you who like bold, provocative scents, Sexy Garrigue is a must-try. And for the long summer days, we're wearing the clean salt scent of Sur la Plage.

Click here to view the full range of eau de parfum by Veronique Gabai.

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