New arrivals: Delina la Rosée

New arrivals: Delina la Rosée

This week, we’re welcoming a gorgeous new floral scent to the Osme Perfumery line-up. Let’s take a look at the Delina la Rosée EDP, and the story behind Parfums de Marly.

Who are Parfums de Marly?

As you might have guessed from the name, Parfums de Marly are based in Paris. Founded by Julien  Sprecher with perfumer Quentin Bisch, the perfume house is inspired by the luxury of the palace of Versailles. That means an elegant, aristocratic world full of pastel colors, fruit and flowers. Think Marie Antoinette – on a really good day.

Delina la Rosée EDP

Delina la Rosée is the latest eau de parfum to come from Marly. It builds on their classic Delina scent – a sharp and sweet fragrance built around rose, lily and peony.

La Rosée is a slightly lighter alternative. While the classic Delina has fruity notes of rhubarb and lychee, La Rosée is lifted by some softer citrus and aquatic notes.

Other fragrances to try

The Delina scents from Parfums de Marly are unapologetically feminine and sugar-sweet. We recommend trying both to see which you prefer, the classic or La Rosée. If you love soft rose fragrances, then you should also check out the intense Rose Elixir from Montale.

But for those who prefer something with a little more body, try Delina Exclusif: a mix of floral and oriental scents that sinks down into oud and amber basenotes. It reminded us of Tabac Rose by David Benedek, another scent which brings some oriental texture to the classic rose fragrance.

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