Introducing... BDK Parfums

Introducing... BDK Parfums

Have you worn a BDK yet? One of the latest additions to the Osme catalog, we're excited to introduce BDK Parfums by David Benedek. Here's the inside track on this unmissable European perfume collection.

Who is David Benedek?

David Benedek comes from a Parisian perfume dynasty. Back in the 1950s, his parents were among the first people to distribute classic perfumes by the likes of Worth and Dior. Now David's own work is inspired both by those classic scents and his memories of the heart of Paris. His ultimate goal? To tell stories through scent, he says.

After studying at the French Institute of Fashion and the Cinquième Sens Institute, David launched BDK Parfums in 2016. His fragrances are now available in 30 different countries. We couldn't be more thrilled to offer BDK Parfums to Osme customers.

The BDK Parfums collection

So what should you look out for?

BDK Parfums originally launched with five perfumes, including Rouge Smoking which was nominated for an award at the FiFi Awards 2019. This fruity, spicy scent is a pleasant surprise with notes of pink peppercorn, black vanilla and white musk.

We're also proud to offer the two latest scents from BDK. Sel d'Argent is described as a late afternoon swim, with subtle notes of Italian bergamot, salt and aromatic green galbanum. Citrus Riviera is another summer scent, a timeless harmony of neroli, mandarin, patchouli and tonka bean. And as we get ready for fall and winter, don't forget to check out the powdery sandalwood of Gris Charnel and the sweet, warm Nuit de Sable.

Click here to see the full range of 10 perfumes from BDK!

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