How niche perfumes are taking over the market

How niche perfumes are taking over the market

At Osme, we offer fragrances and scented décor from almost 50 brands. We love niche perfumes and new scents - so we're happy to report that niche perfumes really are taking over the fragrance market.

Perfume wearers - that's you! - are increasingly interested in fragrance brands which have a unique story to tell. The internet makes it easier than ever for new perfumeries to reach customers and advertize their scents. And happily, more and more investors are supporting niche brands.

What makes niche perfumes different?

It's all part of the trend for one-off, custom and personalized scents. Gone are the days when we all wore the same scents - now it's about finding that one fragrance which works for you, your body and your style. Some people are even picking fragrances based on their eco-friendly values.

Many niche brands are ahead of the curve on social and environmental issues. According to perfume expert The Candy Perfume Boy, simple packaging will be a big trend for perfumiers this year. That means more focus on the scent itself, less packaging, and less plastic.

Other fragrance brands are going gender-neutral. Yes, perfume is for everyone, men included. Perfumiers now recommend scents based on the customer's preferences, not their gender. This article in the Guardian explains how, when we stop dividing fragrances into categories, people have the freedom to discover the scents they truly love.

Finally, more customers are interested in local businesses and small fragrance brands. That's great news for niche brands, which often work with local suppliers, natural essences, or even design their scents to represent a specific place.


Check out our catalog of niche perfumes and fragrances - we're sure you'll find something you love.

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