4 fragrances we'd buy just for the bottle

4 fragrances we'd buy just for the bottle

Yes, we're addicted to scent. But we'd be lying if we said we chose fragrances without thinking about the look as well!

Here, for your delectation, are 4 fragrances that we'd buy just because of how beautiful they are. Any one of these would be a gorgeous addition to your nightstand or vanity.

Beach Hut Woman by Amouage

We can't get over the 1960s-style glamor of this thick orange bottle with its white parasol top. And there's just the faintest hint of texture to the glass, that updates the design for 2020. According to the scent notes, Beach Hut Woman recreates the experience of solitary bliss by the sea. All alone? Well, no - we'd take this fragrance with us!

Albho by Suleko

Albho eau de parfum doesn't come in a bottle - it comes in a work of art. This gorgeous, sculptural piece reminds us of a white swan's wing or a billow of silk. One thing's for sure: you definitely don't own any other scent bottles that look quite like this.

Fusion Sacrée Obscur by Majda Bekkali

Bring a touch of nature and serenity to your beauty routine with this eau de parfum from Majda Bekkali. The bottle looks somewhat like a Zen sculpture, with a rounded wooden ball balanced atop  a dark, smooth glass that seems almost like stone. But don't get it twisted: this fragrance wasn't made for quiet meditation. With notes of rum, celery and spice, the Fusion Sacrée Obscur has a hidden bite.

1888 by Xerjoff-Casamorati

Now for some Baroque opulence. With its gilt top, golden tassel, glass relief and embossed coat of arms, the 1888 eau de parfum couldn't be grander. This fragrance is part of a collaboration by iconic Italian perfume houses, Xerjoff and Casamorati. The scent itself is a classic, with timeless notes of rose, amber and saffron.

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