3 reasons to start using beard oil

3 reasons to start using beard oil

Do you have a beard? Do you use beard oil? And if not… why not? It’s 2021, and we’ve got 3 unbeatable reasons why you should be using dedicated products to take care of your facial hair. It’s not just about looking good – it’s about self care, too.

1. Better skin

Even though it’s not exposed to the outside world, the skin under your beard still needs plenty of care. Otherwise you could be looking at sore skin, dryness or acne.

The skin on your face is often more delicate than the rest of your body, and it has to put up with a lot more. Try using a dedicated beard wash that will clean your hair while being kind to the skin. Follow up with a beard softener or oil to moisturize and protect.

2. Softer facial hair

You wouldn’t accept dry, bristly split-ends on your head. So why should you have to accept them on your face? Beard oils, balms and waxes can all be used to soften your facial hair and bring out its natural color. Let it shine!

3. Subtle scent

There are plain beard oils on the market, which just smell of their active ingredients. But this is also a chance to introduce a subtle, sophisticated fragrance into your daily routine. Unlike a cologne, scented beard oils can’t be detected from a distance… people have to get close to enjoy them.

The brand: Beardbrand

We love the Beardbrand range of products at Osme Perfumery. They offer everything you need from beard wash to beard softeners, oils, utility balms and even moustache wax. There’s a range of scents to suit your personal style, including the classic Tree Ranger and the musky Temple Smoke.

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